Primus Product News 2018
PRIMUS Campfire 2018 - Get out. Cook out.

Date: 2017-05-10

PRIMUS believes everyday can be great whether your adventure is big or small.  All start with a good meal with family and friends: food fuels our bodies and eating inspires our imagination.  The latest additions to the PRIMUS CampFire range are dedicated to these beliefs.


Kuchoma Grill

The Kuchoma is about spontaneity. Now you can have your barbeque experience with your family and friends wherever the mood takes you. The new PRIMUS Kuchoma Grill features a unique design that is compact for easy and convenient one-hand portability: its Piezo ignition and fold out legs means it’s up and ready whenever you are. The Kuchoma Grill delivers both direct and indirect heat to cook your food exactly how you like it and the closed lid is perfect for warming and even toasting rolls.  For easy cleaning, the non-stick grill grate and drip tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. Crafted in Europe at the PRIMUS factory it uses durable, high quality materials such as stainless steel, oak and brass. To further increase comfort and portability the Kuchoma can be powered by smaller, lighter, different sized gas canisters. Optional extras include an adaptor kit that will convert the Grill to run on refillable cylinders and a practical carry bag.


Technical Facts

Weight:                  4.500 g/9 lbs

Dimensions:          44.8 x 15,6 x 30.6 cm/17.6’’ x 6.1’’ x 12’’

Power:                   2 x 2.500 Watt /2 x 8.500 BTU/h

People:                  1 - 10


CampFire Tongs

The PRIMUS CampFire tongs are made of stainless knife steel, which is sturdy yet, flexible offering the user ultimate control at the grill. The cut-out pattern provides great grip even when tongs are wet or greasy and the 275 mm length is compact enough for easy carriage yet long enough to keep hands safely out of the heat.


CampFire Apron

Protect your clothes from grease and soot with the PRIMUS CampFire apron. Made from durable, easy care G1000-fabric, it features two larger front pockets and one smaller breast pocket for your cooking essentials.  The adjustable webbing belt keeps the apron in place and an extra loop offers important tong storage so that you’re always prepared.  PRIMUS has thought of everything:  even the buckle features an integrated, stainless steel bottle opener.


Cooler Backpack

Keep drinks and food refreshingly cool, even during the hot summer months.  This insulated, 22 l backpack can be filled up with ice or using the PRIMUS Icepack [see below] and will keep contents fresh for the entire day.  Thanks to the roll-top opening it’s quick and easy to open and close and its 30 mm shoulder straps offer comfortable carriage.  The Cooler’s outer nylon face brings durability to this backpack whilst the inner brings practicality: the waterproof PU-coated polyester and can be turned inside out for easy cleaning.  Insulation comes by way of EVA foam, which keeps the inside of the backpack cold while providing padding for the back for wearable comfort.  PRIMUS has thought of everything, even down to the handy bottle-opener integrated into the Backpack’s buckle. 


Technical Facts

Volume:                  22 l

Dimensions:           45 x 20 x 30 cm/17.7’’ x 7.9’’ x 11.8’’

Weight:                   800 g/28.2 oz



This 10 l PRIMUS Cooler is ideal for keeping beverages and food deliciously cool for those hot summer days.  An integrated bottle opener in the buckle is a handy extra and the Cooler’s compact size enables it to be conveniently stowed away during transport whether in the Cooler Backpack, pannier or on a kayak. The roll-top opening enables the Cooler to be adjusted to fit its contents, makes sealing the bag simple and doubles as a handle for easy, one-hand portability.  Fill with ice cubes or use PRIMUS Ice Packs – the insulating EVA foam will keep drinks and food cool all day.  Additionally the EVA foam provides rigidity and stability for when placed on the ground.  A nylon fabric outer means this Cooler is durable and can cope with the wear and tear of everyday adventures whilst the Cooler’s inner consists of a waterproof PU-coated polyester that can be turned inside out for easy cleaning: ideal for carrying your leftovers back home.


Technical Facts

Volume:                  10 l

Dimensions:           30 x 30 x 30 cm/11.8’’ x 11.8’’ x 11.8’’

Weight:                  475 g/16.7 oz


ICE Pack

A simple, plain and unique solution to keep cool things cold on the hottest of summer days the PRIMUS Ice Pack comes in the form of a roll-top bag, made of PU-coated polyester.  Fill with water and put in the freezer or add ice cubes before adding to your PRIMUS Cooler Backpack or Cooler.  Being waterproof it keeps food from getting wet from melting ice. The Ice Pack is also perfect as a waterproof pack bag.


Technical Facts

Volume:                  2 l

Dimensions:           20x22x8 cm/7.9’’x8.7’’x3.1’’

Weight:                   35 g/1.2 oz


CampFire Serving Kit – Stainless steel bowl and four plates

For the ultimate in relaxed, outdoor entertainment prepare your meal at home. The PRIMUS CampFire Serving Kit enables you to transport your food safely through the use of a silicone lid that seals the top of the bowl keeping food and even dressings tightly under wraps.  When you’re finished, the plates can be sealed inside the bowl so great for keeping dirty dishes contained on the way home.



Diameter:                24 x 9 cm/9.4’’ x 3.7’’

Weight:                   1.160 g/40.9 oz (bowl, silicone lid and four plates)


CampFire Table and Stool

The foldable, stable CampFire Table and Stool from PRIMUS offer a small pack size designed for ultimate portability.  Using strong, durable 7075 aluminium alloy both are quick and easy to set up and the Table’s reinforced polycotton fabric top offers a sturdy surface on which to prepare food and to eat from.  This fabric tabletop is easy to clean too:  once you’re done, remove it from the supports and pop in the washing machine.

The PRIMUS stool takes up little space and can be packed into a backpack.  In true PRIMUS style, a bottle opener has been integrated into one of the buckles.  Perfect for resting your tired legs during a music festival, football game or for sitting around a campfire, the Stool features an insulated seat made from polycotton fabric, which can also be washed in the washing machine.


Technical Facts:       CampFire Table                                      CampFire Stool

Dimensions:               58x58x75 cm/22.8’’x22.8’’x29.5’’              35x31x35 cm/13.8’’x12.2’’x13.8’’

Packaging size:         20x85x10 cm                                            15x35x8 cm       

Weight:                      1.700 g                                                      630 g

Max load:                   25 kg                                                         120 kg




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